Remembering those who were once part of our lives, but now, are gone

How do we remember those that have gone on before us or for whatever other reason are no longer in our daily lives?  Is it with love and laughter?  Tears?  Regrets?  Heartbreak?  Great memories?  Painful memories?  No matter how we remember them, we do remember.  For some of us, we have lost many loved ones in the last couple of years.  People, who raised us, taught friends, family, co-workers, and us.  This list can go on forever with all the different relationships of people in our lives.

Do we forgive those who have hurt us?  On the other hand, do we let that hurt fester, grow, and allow it to eat at us and make us become bitter and spiteful?  Life is too short to hold onto those hurts.  This is a lesson that is very hard to learn and apply, trust me, I know very well.  I will not go into the details, but there was a person who really hurt me bad.  I thought I had forgiven this person; however, I still had bad thoughts and what they did was still bothering me.  I have had to continually ask the Lord to take these thoughts and memories away from me so that I do not have to deal with them and so I can move on with my life.  However, it was the wise words of one of the girls I mentored many years ago that has been of the greatest help.  She said “…first you have to forgive them and every time you have a bitter or mean thought you ask God to help you forgive them then you pray for them because when you are truly praying for them you can’t be mad at them.  Forgiveness can take years sometimes.”  Wow!  Talk about a brick hitting me upside the head!  Therefore, although it has not been easy, I have started praying for this person.  Most of the time it kinda goes like this:  “Lord, you know the situation, please remove the pain and bitterness within me, and be with (this person’s name).  I do not know what to pray for but You know where you want them to be and what they are doing.  Please show them where you want them to be.”  This person is no longer in my life.  Were there good times when we were friends?  Sure, and I remember those parts with pleasure.  The Lord puts some people in our lives for a very short time and others He puts there for a lifetime.  When He takes someone fully out of your life, you will know it.  He will shut the door and remove that person from your life after they have served His purpose.  Others He will allow periods of silence so that we can grow closer to Him and lean on Him for our strength and comfort instead of leaning on people.  This has been the lesson He has been teaching me the last few months.

Anger and bitterness is a cancer that the doctors cannot see or diagnose, but it is there.  In today’s society, there are those who are doing their best to divide this great nation.  They are pitting blacks against whites, blacks against Law Enforcement, Republicans against Democrats, poor and middle class against the rich, ethnic group against ethnic group and the list goes on.  Where will it end?  It will end when Christ comes.  Until then, we need to be praying and seeking God’s face.  We need to stop being the “silent majority” and get out there and vote on Election Day.  I am not going to tell you who or how to vote.  That is between you and God.  If we want America great again, we need to turn back to God.  This country was founded on Christian beliefs.  We need to go back to those beliefs.  Moreover, for those of you out there who think that Separation of Church and State means that pastors cannot preach about political things, you need to go back and research what it does mean.  What it means is that the State CANNOT establish a religion.  Here is a link if you want more information:

It is my firm belief that when we return to principles that this nation was founded on and we once again honor God, He will once again begin to Bless the United States.  We also need to be standing behind Israel, God’s chosen people.  In recent years, our government has gone against them, which is not right.  They have been our ally and friend for so many decades there in the Middle East.  God has said in His Word “…  Cursed be every one that curseth thee, And blessed be every one that blesseth thee.”  (Genesis 27:29b (ASV))  In this passage, Isaac is giving Jacob his blessing.  The Lord renamed Jacob, Israel, after he wrestled with angel in the night.  (Genesis 32:24-32)  Our current government is trying to destroy America and Israel.  They are doing this because of their own selfish desires and because of their religion, which has been at war with Israel for centuries.  The United States entered into this war totally unprepared to fight on their turf, as we did not have a good understanding of how ISIS and the other terror groups in the Middle East fight.  They do not fight like Americans or Europeans.  They fight as they have for centuries, only now they have modern weapons at their disposal.  The American public is largely uneducated as to the barbaric methods that have been used for centuries in the Middle East to fight.  They blame our military for not getting the job done and say they should have just gone in and blown them all to pieces.  In reality, that only works to a small extend against a fanatic group.  These people in the Middle East understand one thing, Strength.  We have shown them weakness in recent years and that is the reason for the increased attacks against us.  They see us as weak.  We can hate these people all we want, but it will not stop them from trying to attack us until we unite this nation again.  The current government is also trying to eradicate our religious history by using fear and by pitting religion against religion.

While I do not agree with our government and am ashamed of what we have become, I still pray that someday soon we will all open our eyes to what is truly going on here.  We need to move forward and forgive these men for putting us into the situation we are in, but we also need to learn from them what to watch for.  Yes, I said forgive.  If we do not, we are no better than they are.  They have been doing these things to the nation for years for their own selfish reasons and because, and I firmly believe this too, Satan has been using them to destroy the United States and our Christian heritage.  We are fighting a two front war people!  On the one front, we are fighting those humans who want nothing more than to amass large amounts of money for themselves, no matter the cost to others and this Great Nation.  They are willing to sleep with the Devil, so to speak, to do this.  On the other front, we are fighting against the spiritual world.  We are fighting against the powers of Satan.  Nevertheless, the Great news is, Satan has already been defeated once, when Christ rose from the grave!  He will be defeated again!  We need to know who are enemies are and their tactics.  Once we know that we know how to defend ourselves and how to destroy and defeat them.  That is good solid military logic.  You always have to know your enemy!

I will leave you with the post I did on Facebook honoring my Grandfather, William Lewis Webb.  He was a great man and he knew how to fight the spiritual battle against Satan.  He also loved this country very much and I think if he were here today, he would be saying the same things I have just said.

“On December 21, 1994, our family went through two life events.  About 9:30 am, William Lewis Webb went home to be with his precious Lord and Savior.  He slipped into eternity while his wife of 66 years played the organ for him and his daughter Joyce Miller sang Safe in the Arms of Jesus.  As the grandchildren gathered at their home on 41A, we all talked about the many things we remembered about gramps.  We had many laughs and many tears.  We even got brave and opened “the door” to the upstairs! 🙂

Later that day James Webb (Jimmer) was born.

Today I was thinking about gramps and an old forgotten memory came to mind of when he rode his motorcycle all over Fernwood, coming to see family and friends.  I remember being excited to see him pull in the driveway.  I also remember Gram calling to see if we knew where he was!  (hehehe)  Then the memories of riding up to camp with him and dad on the motorcycles came around.  I remembered a time when it was raining really bad when we were coming home and we had garbage bags on to try to keep us dry from Lake Bonaparte to Fernwood.

So many great memories of Gramps.  The fishing, playing Frisbee at Sand Bay, playing dominos, riding in the boat, the Christmases with them, the trips out west with them.  Then there were the parties at Selkirk State Park.  How many of you can still remember the scavenger hunt?  hehehehe

Then the bittersweet memories of watching the cancer drain him of his strength.  Of having to help him walk from the couch to the chair.  Of playing the piano for him to get his mind off of the pain.  Of listening to him retell the stories of his childhood so someone would remember them and pass them on.  Of making lemon jello for him so he could taste what he was eating.  Of saying goodbye to him the last time.  Of hearing him tell me he loved me for the last time.  Of seeing him laying finally at peace and pain free in the casket at his funeral service. Of the graveside service.

But I couldn’t wish him back.  Not the way he was in the end.  This man who loved me unconditionally.  Who taught me how to jerry rig a boat motor, how to open the camp up on my own, how to fish, how to shoot, how to clean fish, how to drive a boat and most importantly a man who showed me that God was important to him and in his life.  Gram used to always get after him for not remembering scripture like some of the stories he told, but truth be known, he did remember scripture.  He knew scripture in a different way than anyone I knew.  He knew it deeply and intimately.  I want to be like him.  Loving God as a very intimate friend and knowing His word so deeply and understanding it in a way that showed that intimate relationship.  He wasn’t fake or trying to impress anyone.  He lived his life loving his wife, kids, grandkids, great grandkids, his country, but most of all his Lord and Savior.  He was real.  You do not find men like him very much these days.

Therefore, today and every day, I honor my grandfather, William Lewis Webb, for his love and example of what a Godly man looks like.  Thanks Gramps!  Until I see you again in Heaven!

All my love,

Your “little” one, Jodi”

May everyone have a great day and reflect on this at your leisure.  Do some researches for yourselves, some things may really surprise you.  Things that you thought were in the constitution are not!  🙂

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